Always Room for Improvement!

According to my WordPress analysis my blogs performance although it has potential lacks in its performance with only a total of 13 visitors and 22 views. In regards to shares or comments there was no activity of that sort for this blog. However, before I go and cry myself to sleep at night thinking of all the missed levels of engagements my little blog could have had, I know there are some solutions that could help to improve “The Cam Buzz” performance.

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Looking at a couple of measurement tools that could be used for the advancement of my blog I thought my first one I could focus on was my Klout Score. In trying to find different ways to improve the performance of my blog, I first need to know exactly where I am at initially. First things first, a Klout score is “a number between 1-100 that represents your influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.” In knowing what my klout score is now I have a number that I can base my changes on and work to increase that number. By keeping track of my score I get an overall sense of my present reach and influence with my online presence.

Another tactic I can take into account would be the focus of conversions.Conversions  is when you are “getting a user to take a desired action on your social media platforms.” Whether it is posting content that is specified to a  certain target audience, to increase your chances of interactions with viewers and ultimately get people talking or its encouraging those same viewers to share your content on various social medias by providing them with direct links and easy ways to communicate back.

I believe that these two forms of measurements can be beneficial to improving a blog’s performance because let’s face it, the more that is said about whatever content you put out there and is shared, is one of the best ways to help improve your social media media foundation. A blog shouldn’t be a person simply sharing their own thoughts and opinions with themselves, it should be about making possible connections with people who could share the same interest or even on the business side of things create that customer loyalty. Also, enforcing whatever your brand image you choose to enforce.

By knowing exactly where your social media presence stands  (your KloutScore) and taking that specific number into account you can set a goal for yourself, mine being is to increase that number. One of my personal goals was to make my presence more prominent. I want to be able to talk to viewers and have them engage in my content. Thats where the conversions come in. By taking that extra step like providing the link to each of my blog posts to my other social media accounts and encouraging people to let me know their thoughts, I can hopefully open up that gate of communication. Even if someone may not fully agree with me, it is always beneficial to hear someone else’s thoughts and opinions. There is always room for improvement and even the most talked about blogs started from humble beginnings, with the right tools and knowledge of how to use them there’s always a chance for major social media recognition the way you want it!


Things Just Got Spicer

Old Spice, first introduced its body wash for men back in 2003, the category was growing and inevitably with it, came the growth of the competition. Old Spice, by 2006 was becoming well..old.  In order to boost their brand, the company decided to appoint a new advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy in the hopes of seeing much needed improvement for their appeal. [hubspot] This agency helped to tackle some key issues. One of the first issues the brand addressed was the name itself.

“A big question for us at the time was the name and whether the brand could be relevant to young men moving forward.” – Jess Monsey Account Director W+K. 

Instead of changing it however, they embraced their name and the fact that they had been around for about 70 years was used to their advantage. When the campaign, “Smell like a man, man.” , launched featuring the greek-god look a like actor Isaiah Mustafa there was an over night success with popularity. One of the realizations the company made was the fact that 50 percent of  body wash purchases were women. [D&AD] This spokesperson was someone with a charismatic and non chalant personality who could appeal not only to men but women as well. Appealing to both genders was a first for the brand, and was one of the beneficial keys for the brand.

0714_old-spice-commercial_400x400[image via Forbes]

However, the campaign that truly changed the game and made history was the Response Campaign, that launched in 2010 after the initial success of the previous campaign. After expanding their audience to a younger crowd than before, they realized that in order to keep the attention of this generation, they would need to go digital. Old Spice utilized social media platforms, in a way that had never been seen before.

Since, the initial launch of this witty  and entertaining figure, fans had left plenty of comments and opinions all throughout various social medias, regarding the campaign. In a matter of two and half days, the company launched a series of 180 real time videos of “responses” to fans via YouTube, making marketing history. W+K were able to create a digital system that “pulled a variety of mentions of Old Spice in a way that made it possible for the team to organize questions and comments by influence and creative potential.” Creatives then were able to select comments and write answers. Those were then sent to a teleprompter, filmed and once they were completed posted online. [D&AD]

The responses were personal and highly entertaining and most importantly interactive to say the least.For example,  shouting out the panhandle of the twitter user who made the comment and directly responding to them. Video responses to celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Alyssa Milano who had a high following, were able to generate even more attention.  Choosing Youtube, rather than traditional t.v. ads was a major factor that helped to differentiate themselves from the rest. This campaign generated an insistent buzz throughout the digital world. “In the first day alone of the campaign generated 5.9 million views. Day two, it was eight out of the top eleven most popular videos on the web at the time.” [D&AD]

All in all the campaign proved to be a huge success. Old Spice successfully accomplished their goal of putting their brand back in to the forefront by staying in tune and relevant with their target audiences but still keeping the core of the brand intact. Research showed them that they would need to also reach both genders, and that they would need to expand in a way that would connect to a youthful audience whose attention can be fleeting; The digital world gave them the primary platform to do just this, the interactive qualities and humorous entertainment sealed the deal for their campaign efforts. At the end of 2010 Old Spice became the number one selling body wash brand for men in the United States. In the social media realm the companies twitter followers increased 2,700 percent, Facebook fans rose to 800 percent, and YouTube subscribers from 500,000 to 800,000. [D&AD] This campaign was clearly well planned out and executed, the proof are in the results. Well done, gorgeous Old Spice man, well done.


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“Snapchat…Why Would I Want That?”

Okay, so I’ll have to admit..originally when I was introduced to Snapchat, my first thought was that the app was quite pointless to be honest. Really? Send some random pictures to your friends and then they disappear. I figured, if I wanted to send an image to a friend, why not just message them? I remember looking over at some of my classmates in high school as they giggled while opening up unflattering images of their friends. I couldn’t wrap my head around what was so great about it.  I would have never have thought that that app would become what it is today and how big of an impact on our society it would have.

Snapchat was created by co founders, Steven Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. It was originally made with the simple thought of being able to send a picture and have it disappear soon after. Fast forward to today and Snapchat has become huge!

When you first download the app you have the option of being able to connect with people in your immediate contacts that also have the app and you can add them or even “invite” them to try out the app. The basic use of the app is that you can take short videos or pictures that can only be viewed for up to ten seconds and send them out to the people you follow on the app. You can either send these “snaps” to a specific number of people in your Snapchat contacts or post them to your Snapchat Story. When you post on your snapchat story those same snaps can be viewed by anyone in your contact list however many times they choose in a 24 hour time span(unless you choose to delete those snaps beforehand.) Through these stories and individual snaps, this app helps to connect people and keep each other in the loop of what each other is doing in their daily lives at any given moment when shared. You can even follow some of your favorite celebrities and get an up close look on how they live their lives.


Snapchat has made some expansions since they first came out. The “Discover” page has become one of my absolute favorite features on the app. It gives users a way to see and explore different content and articles from a variety of editorial teams ranging from Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Dailynews and more. Basically in other words it has become apart of my daily routine to check, just because of how convenient/easily accessible it is.

Another  part of the app is the “Live” feature. Through this, you can see snaps from all over the world at major events. You’ve never been to fashion week in New York or cruised down the streets of Italy in a vespa?! No worries, because Snapchat has you covered! Everyday there are new live snaps from major events happening throughout different countries or social events that we rave about in pop culture. Just last week I got to see the Grammys from a whole different perspective because Snapchat had compiled a while “story” from the people that attended the event.

With all of the new and innovative features Snapchat has included in its app, it really has broken down a lot of interactive barriers that we once had. Not only can you use it as a fun and sometimes quirky way to stay social with people but I believe it’s done a lot in terms of opening people up to new experiences they wouldn’t have had access to in the past. These are among the many reasons why I use Snapchat today. I take back everything I used to say about the app when I first found out about it. I guess my old high school classmates were on to something after all.


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