Real Women, Real Beauty.

When it comes to women feeling empowered and beautiful Dove sure knows what it’s doing. Back in 2004, Dove started their “Real Beauty” campaign, after doing some psychographic research that gave insight on the mind of a variety women on how they felt about themselves. One of the statistics that was found during the research was the fact that out of all the women they had surveyed around the world, only two percent described themselves as beautiful. This acted as a catalyst to start their campaign. Dove wanted to motivate women to accept their unique beauty that is not always celebrated in regular media. Their target audience was clear…ALL women. Women ranging from big to small, young and old, this campaign was made for the female population with no exclusion. In regards to demographics this campaign was very broad, it was not just focused on one age group specifically but embraced a wide range. The message in the campaign was one of positive encouragement and acceptance. It seems like nowadays women are subjected to feel like they should look a certain way and meet standards of beauty that are unrealistic and it can ultimately be damaging to a female’s self esteem. What better way to get these issues of insecurity to the forefront and make it known that this company was on your side, than to make sure people confronted them in positive ways through a persistent campaign.

Watching the various videos that Dove put out as a part of their campaign, I couldn’t help but feel a heightened sense of awareness on how I perceive myself. When I found out that only two percent of women found themselves to be beautiful it not only saddened me but made me disappointed in our society.[Emily Program Foundation] For so many years, we as women have been constantly exposed to the concept that our natural self isn’t quite enough.  Whether it is sexist commercials or disheartening advertisements these tend to promote images of beauty that can be hard to relate to and frankly it is every where we look.

This is why I praise the Dove campaign so much. Seeing those images of REAL women celebrating what they were blessed with,  is empowering and so important. The way Dove was able to connect with women and hit home on those little insecurities that people are so quick to brush under the rug, was inspiring. Dove’s overall goal was to “widen the perception of beauty.” [The Dove] Eye opening social experiments, inspiring testimonials, and videos aided in Dove successfully working towards that goal. DOVE REAL BEAUTY CAMPAIGN

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Dove successfully targeted their audience and was able to to create a movement that women could proudly stand behind and is still on going more than a decade later. Dove has only has expanded on their mission to widen the perception of beauty. I think this campaign is such a successful one because it tapped into an issue that was essentially bigger than just the company and its products. It was about a real connection with real women for the empowerment and acceptance on everything that makes us well…us, which is quite beautiful if you ask me.

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